Endilega deildu okkur

The Iceland Dyslexia Association

The Iceland Dyslexia Association (Félag lesblindra á Íslandi, FLÍ) was founded in 1994 and operated for 4 years when it ceased activities because of lack of funds. The Association was then revived in 2003 and has been operated since with the assistance of the Organisation of the Disabled in Iceland (ODI). The board of the Association is composed of 4 individuals who are all dyslexic, 3 men and one woman. There are also 3 alternates. The Association welcomes all who recognise dyslexia and the need of the dyslexic for aids such as audio books and software facilitating learning and work for those who are dyslexic. You can become a member of FLÍ free of charge.

According to a Capacent Gallup survey on reading disability carried out for the Association in October 2006, 18% of Icelanders have some reading difficulties and 4.8% experience severe reading difficulties. This large number of individuals struggling with reading difficulties further confirms the importance of the work FLÍ engages in.

Since the Association was reestablished in 2003 it has organized several conferences on dyslexia and in 2007 it hosted a Nordic meeting with associations from other Nordic countries, which is an annual event and will next be held in the Norway in the autumn of 2010. In addition to this the Association commissioned an educational film on dyslexia which was published on DVD in 2007. The Association has furthermore published a book by teacher Elín Vilhelmsdóttir entitled: DYSLEXIA – FACTS AND GUIDANCE which is also available as an audio book. The Association is now undertaking an effort to visit all schools in Iceland to introduce dyslexia to school managers and to draw attention to the activities of the Association.

Purpose and objective of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to work towards any kind of interest and cultural concerns of the dyslexic among other things by:

  • working towards equal learning opportunities for the dyslexic.
  • supporting all action aimed at general and specialised education for the dyslexic.
  • working towards the aim that dyslexic persons who are otherwise able to work, can have jobs adapted to their capacity; the Association shall help dyslexic people acquire jobs they can handle in any company and promote the ability of the dyslexic to run their own businesses for their sustenance.
  • participating with and operating companies and workplaces employing dyslexics and supporting their interests.
  • employing the capacity of dyslexic people in the best way to influence governmental and local authorities, various interest groups and individual enterprises for the benefit of the dyslexic.
  • promoting any social and cultural aid for the dyslexic.
  • encouraging scientific research and international cooperation for the dyslexic.
  • promoting the implementation of laws for the dyslexic.
  • ensuring that dyslexics, who on account of their illness cannot earn a living, are entitled to a sufficient pension.
  • ensuring that available medical aid, specialist support and training be available to the dyslexic as well as any aids they may need.
  • awakening the interest and understanding of the public to the issues of dyslexia with publications and promotions.
  • The Association shall in other respects defend the interest of the dyslexic against authorities, institutions, individuals and companies.

If you wish to contact the Association you can send an email at fli(at)fli.is or call +354-534-534 8
Thank you for showing interest in dyslexia in Iceland
kind regards
the Board.